Jennie Wade House

"If there is anyone in this house that is to be killed today, I hope it is me, as Georgia has a little baby." Jennie Wade

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Jennie Wade House

Front of Jennie Wade House

Wayside Interpretive Marker Reads:
On the morning of July 1st, Gettysburg resident Jennie Wade and her family fled their town home to this brick double house shared by her sister Georgia McClellan, to distance themselves from the fighting. The Union retreat to Cemetery Hill soon placed Jennie and the rest of the household in the direct path of danger. Despite the menace of stray bullets that constantly struck the house walls, Jennie busied herself furnishing water and baking biscuits for the many soldiers manning the nearby Union picket line. Early on the morning of July 3rd, fate claimed Gettysburg’s only civilian fatality. Jennie was killed instantly by a random Confederate bullet while preparing biscuit dough in the kitchen. He mother saw her fall and sadly informed the rest of the family “. . . your sister is dead.”

Jennie Wade Cellar
Jennie Wade was placed in the basement of the Jennie Wade House.

Jennie Wade Statue
Statue of Jennie Wade.
Base reads:
Jennie Wade
Aged 20 Years 2 Months
Killed Here - July 3, 1863
While Making Bread for the Union Soldiers



Jennie Wade Grave
Jennie Wade Gravesite.

Jennie Wade Birthplace
Jennie Wade Birthplace.

Historic Jennie Wade House
Jennie Wade House historic photo.