Jennie Wade House

Mary Virginia Wade, better known as Jennie Wade, was the only civilian killed during the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania July 3, 1863 while baking bread for Union soldiers in the Jennie Wade House. She was struck by a single bullet that traveled through two wooden doors killing her instantly. Jennie Wade was 20 years old. The house looks very much the same as it did 150+ years ago. The house was actually the residence of Jennie's sister, Georgia McClellan.

Civil War Haversacks

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Each Civil War soldier on field service was issued a haversack. A Civil War haversack was also referred to as a "bread bag". Civil War Haversacks would be used to carry rations and eating utensils. A soldier would wear it over the right soldier as it would rest on the left hip. Buckled to the strap would usually be a tin cup. The civil war haversack was used primarily to carry rations such as hard bread, coffee, sugar, salt pork, or fresh meat, tobacco, pencil and paper, and a "housewife". A housewife contained thread, material, buttons, and a needle that was used for repairing or mending tears or replacing buttons on uniforms.

Civil War Haversack
Civil War Haversack


Perfect for the reenactor, this haversack, which resembles the type issued to soldiers during the American Civil War, is made of heavy-duty, khaki-colored canvas and features a shoulder strap and a button flap. 10¼"x 11".