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Civil War Bayonets

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Typically, Civil War Bayonets were used on most infantry rifles from both armies. The bayonet would attach to the muzzle end of a rifle or musket. During the Civil War, hospitals were full of wounded soldiers but records show that very few men were treated from wounds they received from the Civil War bayonet. The conclusion was that Civil War bayonets were not considered a lethal weapon. The explanation probably lay in the fact that opposing soldiers did not often actually come to grips and, when they did, were more likely to use their rifles as clubs.

Original P-1853 Three Band Enfield type Socket Bayonet

Original Item: Not available on the open market for years! These are well over 125 years of age and are Nepalese made P-1853 bayonets approximately 18" overall length with 13"- 14" blade.

Each bayonet was originally fitted and issued with a specific gun so, while these bayonets certainly fit most P1853s, some additional fitting or alterations might be required.

We do not clean them; they come just as found in Nepal where they laid undisturbed for over 100 years. Each will be dirty, greasy, may show rust, dings and might even be slightly bent, but all are 100% original and are approximately 150 years old!