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Buy Civil War Battle of Chantilly merchandise and Civil War collectibles online. This Civil War Battle was also known as the Battle of Ox Hill. The Battle of Chantilly took place in Fairfax County, Virginia on September 1, 1862 and resulted in a Confederate Strategic victory. Thomas J. Jackson was the commander of the Confederate States, Philip Kearny and Isaac Stevens were the commanders for US.

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He Hath Loosed the Fateful Lightning: The Battle of Ox Hill (Chantilly), September 1, 1862

Tempest At Ox Hill: The Battle Of Chantilly

The Battle of Ox Hill (Chantilly) September 1, 1862. Taylor. Outnumbered almost three to one, two Union divisions under Generals Stevens and Kearny staged heroic flanking attacks into Stonewall Jackson's fatigued Confederates. Utilizing extensive unpublished and uncommon primary source material, this book is a full-scale treatment of this little-known engagement, fought two days after the slaughter of Second Bull Run and only 20 miles west of Washington.


Welker. This book sweeps you up in the larger course of the battle (the perspective of generals) yet never loses sight of the nitty-gritty action on the field (the perspective of the soldiers). With firsthand accounts from soldiers and biographies of Generals Stevens and Kearny, the author brings to life the men and their commanders as they fought on the fields of Ox Hill, just 20 miles from Washington