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Buy Battle of Cedar Creek collectibles online. The Battle of Cedar Creek or "Belle Grove"  was fought in Virginia on October 19, 1864 and resulted in a victory for the Union.

Battle of Cedar Creek

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The Battle of Cedar Creek:: Victory from the Jaws of Defeat (Civil War Series)

From Winchester to Cedar Creek: The Shenandoah Campaign of 1864

Nestled between the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia's Shenandoah Valley enjoyed tremendous prosperity before the Civil War. This valuable stretch of land--called the Breadbasket of the Confederacy" due to its rich soil and ample harvests--became the source of many conflicts between the Confederate and Union armies. Of the thirteen major battles fought here, none was more influential than the Battle of Cedar Creek. On October 19, 1864, General Philip Sheridan's Union troops finally gained control of the valley, which eliminated the Shenandoah as a supply source for Confederate forces in Virginia, ended the valley's role as a diversionary theater of war and stopped its use as an avenue of invasion into the North. Civil War historian Jonathan A. Noyalas explains the battle and how it aided Abraham Lincoln's reelection campaign and defined Sheridan's enduring legacy."

First published in 1987, Wert’s chronicle remains the definitive book on Sheridan’s command and the Shenandoah Campaign of 1864.  Offering a balanced treatment of both Union and Confederate experiences during the campaign, Wert emphasizes its importance as a turning point in the war from both military and civilian points of view. Supplemented with situation maps and photographs, From Winchester to Cedar Creek not only documents and dynamically recounts the events that unfolded in the summer and fall of 1864 in the Virginia Valley, but it also details the political, strategic, and tactical forces that made the Shenandoah Valley campaign so important to the outcome of the Civil War.