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The McClean house in Appomattox Court House, was the site where General Robert E. Lee surrendered his confederate army to Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865.

Battle of Brandy Station

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The Battle of Brandy Station:: North America's Largest Cavalry Battle (Civil War Series)

Out Flew the Sabers: The Battle of Brandy Station, June 9, 1863 The Opening Engagement of the Gettysburg Campaign (Emerging Civil War Series)

Just before dawn on June 9, 1863, Union soldiers materialized from a thick fog near the banks of Virginia's Rappahannock River to ambush sleeping Confederates. The ensuing struggle, which lasted throughout the day, was to be known as the Battle of Brandy Station--the largest cavalry battle ever fought on North American soil. Meticulously captured by historian Eric J. Wittenberg, these events marked a major turning point in the Civil War: the waning era of Confederate cavalry dominance in the East gave way to a confident and powerful Union mounted arm. This fascinating volume features a GPS guided tour of the battlefield with illustrations and maps by master cartographer Steven Stanley.

One day. Fourteen hours. Twelve thousand Union cavalrymen against 9,000 of their Confederate counterparts―with three thousand Union infantry thrown in for good measure. Amidst the thunder of hooves and the clashing of sabers, they slugged it out across the hills and dales of Culpepper County, Virginia. And it escalated into the largest cavalry battle ever fought on the North American continent. Fleetwood Hill at Brandy Station was the site of four major cavalry battles during the course of the Civil War, but none was more important than the one fought on June 9, 1863. That clash turned out to be the opening engagement of the Gettysburg Campaign―and the one-day delay it engendered may very well have impacted the outcome of the entire campaign.